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Trouble brewing in Batu Sapi for PKR

By Michael Kaung

SANDAKAN: Hasnar Ibrahim, the new Batu Sapi PKR division chief, has denounced the negotiation and selection of the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) candidate for the Batu Sapi by-election.

Describing it as improper and controversial, he warned the Pakatan leadership of serious consequences if they attempt to simply impose their choice (of candidate) against the will of Batu Sapi people.

Hasnar, who has a stake in the coming by-election, said unauthorized Sabah PKR members had attended a closed-door meeting to select a candidate for the Batu Sapi consituency.

He claims to be among the five PKR candidates in the original list besides being given the mandate to select the PKR candidate for Batu Sapi.

The others in the list are state PKR chief Ahmad Thamrin Jaini, Tuaran division Ansari Abdullah, Kota Kinabalu chief Christina Liew and Tawau chief Kong Hong Ming.

However his name and that of Ansari have been removed and replaced with that of Jeffrey Kitingan and Kalakau Untol.

Hasnar is furious that he was not informed and he only realized this when he was prevented from attending the Sabah Pakatan secretariat meeting scheduled yesterday afternoon at the Sandbay Hotel.

Meeting at another venue

He claimed that Thamrin had called off the scheduled meeting but later proceeded with it in another venue without his (Hasnar’s) knowledge. It was also learnt that there was insufficient quorum.

“This is just not right and we are absolutely not happy with it. We in Batu Sapi PKR especially do not welcome both Jeffrey and Kalakau,” Hasnar said, adding that both potential candidates were too strong-minded and un-compromising.

He believes that both his and Ansari’s names were dropped from the original list of candidates for Batu Sapi in order to get Thamrin nominated as the candidate.

“I know for a fact that someone in the committee has nominated Thamrin for the candidacy, which is against our Batu Sapi members and supporters’ will,” he claimed, adding that his committee had identified someone who is more qualified as the candidate.

A former ISA detainee in connection to distribution of faked Malaysian identity cards during the early 90s, Hasnar also reminded Pakatan central leaderships to honour their promise of giving full autonomy for Sabah Pakatan coalition leaders to decide on Sabah affairs.

“Stop treating us like puppets,” he stressed.

He also urged PKR central leaderships to be wary of being exploited by leaders who are actually “opportunists in disguise”.

Thamrin could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, it was reliably learnt that Pakatan leaderships might call for a press conference to announce the Batu Sapi candidacy, in the Parliament lobby, today

Soorce : FreeMalaysiaToday.com


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